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Perio Protect Orkos Award: Conservative Gum Disease Treatment Helps Patient Avoid Surgery
- Dr. Craig Buntemeyer
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Successful treatment of severe gum disease using minimally invasive Perio Protect System with a patient who had deep periodontal pockets, bleeding gums and very inflamed gums. This patient hadn't seen a dentist in several years and was hoping to avoid gum surgery. See the whole story at
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Perio Protect Method Receives Best Product 2013 Recognition
Perio Protect Method using the Perio Tray receives a 4.5 rating (one of the highest ratings for 2013).
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Perio Protect Orkos Award: Helping Fearful Patients Accept Treatment
- Dr. Jim Coleman
Seattle, Washington

A fearful patient with advanced gum disease was hoping for a non-invasive alternative to treat their gum disease and was afraid that periodontal surgery was unavoidable. The non-invasive Perio Protect Method was offered with great results. See the complete study synopsis at
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Perio Protect Orkos Award: Protecting Extensive Crown and Bridge Work
- Dr. Gregory Sopel
Horseshoe Bay, Texas

A patient with diseased periodontal involvement around extensive restorative work was concerned by heavy bleeding and extensive inflammation of their gum tissue. In hopes of avoiding surgical work, the non-invasive Perio Protect Method was offered. See the complete study synopsis at

Perio Protect Orkos Award: Treating the Fearful
- Howard Schwadron, DDS and Kim Stevens, RDH
Louisiana, Missouri

A patient with gum disease that repeatedly refused conventional treatment (scaling and root planing) was facing the fact that she was about to lose her teeth. She consented to start using the minimally invasive Perio Protect periodontal trays (Perio Trays) and the results were outstanding. Visit to see the full report.
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Perio Tray Receives Top Product Recognition
- Since the FDA-cleared Perio Trays from Perio Protect were introduced to the dental market in 2004, they have consistently won numerous "top product" or "best product" awards in the dental industry. This is a third party, non-profit dental product testing organization that had dentists evaluate the Perio Trays for effectiveness and the trays were given the highest rating possible (yet again).

Yahoo! -
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Carolyn: From grumpy to happy - RDH article by Kim Stevens, RDH, MBA
RDH Article

Perio Protect Orkos Award: Whatever it Takes to Save a Tooth
- Dr. Gordon Wilson
Phoenix, Arizona

A 54-year-old patient had six teeth that were on the verge of extraction and was referred to Dr. Wilson (a 200-mile drive for the patient). For this truely amazing story about minimally invasive dentistry and patient compliance go to
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Perio Protect Orkos Award: Gum Surgery Avoided
- Dr. Martin Schroeder
Biglerville, Pennsylvania

A patient with severe periodontal disease (gum disease) had very deep periodontal pockets (up to 9 millimeters) and 69 percent of all sites were bleeding upon probing. A prior dentist had referred this patient to a specialist (periodontist) who recommended surgery so the patient sought a second opinion. Dr. Schroeder offered the Perio Protect Method and the results were amazing. See for yourself -
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Perio Protect Orkos Award: Reducing 92% Deep Bleeding Pockets to 4%
- Dr. Jared Mosley and Mimi Myers, RDH
Fresno, California

Great story about a 35-year old patient who hadn't been to a dentist in 20 years. The patient had a lot of hard calculus surrounding the teeth so treating the gum disease had to be rather involved. Perio Trays were used deliver medication that disolved the calculus deposits in a safe minimally invasive fashion. See images and full report at
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Perio Protect Orkos Award: Tough Gum Disease Patient with Strong Gag Reflex
- Dr. Patricia Stoker
Columbia, Maryland

A patient with 133 bleeding sites and periodontal probing depths of up to 7 millimeters had a strong gag reflex and severe dental anxieties, so she resisted invasive dental treatments. The Perio Protect Method was used for this patient with excellent results. See full story on
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Perio Protect Orkos Award: Reducing 100% Bleeding to 2%
- Dr. Terry Deeter
Bismarck, North Dakota

This patient came to Dr. Terry Deeter with all sites bleeding and periodontal pocket depths up to 6mm (1-3mm is considered healthy). Perio Trays by Perio Protect were fabricated for this patient and the results were outstanding. Superb results were achieved in five months and maintained. At the one-year mark, only 2% of this patient's sites were bleeding. Full story can be found on
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Perio Protect Orkos Award: 100% Deep and Bleeding to 1%
- Dr. Aziza Askari, DMD, FAGD, MBA & Stacey Nikkila, RDH
Farmington Hills, Michigan

A patient with 100 percent of their sites bleeding and many very deep periodontal pocket depths was treated using the Perio Protect Method and laser assisted periodontal therapy. By the end of treatment, the patient's bleeding went down to 1%. See periodontal probing charts at
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Perio Protect Orkos Award: 96 Percent Bleeding to 4 Percent
- Dr. Stephen Gordon
Chicago, Illinois

Bleeding is a very important indicator for gum disease because if a patient's gums are infected and they have an open ulceration, there is a possibility that the infection from the periodontal disease (gum disease) could be introduced into the body via the blood stream. This patient had phenomenal results with her gum treatment. See the report on
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Perio Protect Orkos Award: New Hope When Conventional Therapy Failed
- Dr. Caron Glickman & Barbara Tritz RDH
Duvall, Washington

A patient with profuse bleeding on probing and periodontal pockets up to 6mm was helped with the minimally invasive Perio Protect Method of treating gum disease. This patient was very pleased with the positive changes he experienced. Photos and video can be found on
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Perio Tray Receives Top Product Recognition
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