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Minimally invasive Dentistry
"I can't imagine treating periodontal patients without it"

Dr. Melba Bonelli has a large family dental practice in Marlton, New Jersey. She has been treating patients with the Perio Protect Method™ since 2006.

Melba Bonelli, DMD

Q - How has Perio Protect® been successful in your office?
A - The Perio Protect Method® has been a great adjunct to initial periodontal therapy in my practice. I can’t imagine treating periodontal patients without it. One of my first significant cases involves a 33 year old Caucasian male presenting to my office with generalized 4-7mm pockets, class 3 bleeding index, with generalized 1-2 of recession/etiological factors of moderate plaque and calculus. Posterior vertical and horizontal boney defects were evidenced by the radiographs. After two weeks of using the Perio Protect system with scaling and root planing, his 4mm pockets were 2mm and his 7mm pockets were 5mm. I was amazed. The tissues were coral pink, stippled and healthy. Bleeding index was a 1 and the teeth were so spotlessly clean it looked like something literally melted the plaque off of this gentleman’s teeth. I decided to fit him for a second set of trays to see if it was possible to take this gentleman to a normal healthy range of cleansable sulcus depths. To my surprise, Perio Protect did it! He has maintained for over a year with sulcus depth 4mm or less with no bleeding upon probing. His homecare continues to be remarkable. I have countless cases that are similar to this one, but this is memorable because it was my first real success.

Q - Are the kinds of results you are describing typical?
A - Yes, these results are typical and bring a reward to treating the periodontal patient like no other system I have ever used. I have tried just about every intrapocket medicament that is in the dental formulary of sulcular medicaments without real success. Perio Protect has lasting results and really empowers the patient to win a battle that has been lost by countless others for so many years.

Q - How did you begin to implement the Perio Protect Method® in your office?
A - I start by gathering all the necessary oral diagnostic tools needed to make a diagnosis and assessing the risk factors associated with the patient’s systemic health. I then order blood work for each of my patients with a diagnosis of gingivitis or periodontitis. 95% of the time my patients with periodontitis also had undiagnosed high cholesterol with high triglycerides and low-density lipoproteins (LDLs). Two patients were undiagnosed diabetics as well. Once blood work is received and patients commit to treatment of initial therapy of scaling and root planing, impressions are then taken to have the first customized prescriptions trays ordered. Patients who decide not to have Perio Protect treatment are then asked to sign the denial form and are given a referral letter to see the local periodontist to receive follow up care. I no longer allow a perio patient to remain in my office without Perio Protect treatment or perio specialty supervision. I feel that strongly about the link between periodontal disease and other systemic diseases noted in recent literature. I conscientiously close the door to any possible medical/legal ramifications to patient non-compliance. I truly feel that once I know about the technology I am legally and ethically responsible to provide a certain level of care to my patients.

Q - What does Perio Protect allow you to do that other conventional treatments do not?
A - The Perio Protect Method empowers patients to take care of their periodontal health. All other systems allow the patient to be un-accountable for their periodontal health. Long term results are dependent upon patient compliance and care for themselves. Patient involvement is the best way to treat any disease.

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Sako Ohanesian, DDS

"Perio Protect works. I have seen the results with my patients."

Sako Ohanesian DDS, FAGD, FICOI, AFAAID values relationships with his patients, as well as continuing education and technical innovation. He has a large general dental practice in Anaheim, CA where he offers restorative and preventative dental services, including treatment with the Perio Protect Method®.

Q - How has the Perio Protect Method® been successful in your office?
A - I have been offering patients this treatment method since 2008 and have seen remarkable results with enthusiastic perio patients. The success of the Perio Protect Method in my office has brought a deeper patient-doctor trust and relationship.

Q - Are most of your patients responding well to the Method?
A - Yes, nearly all of my patients have had significant improvements after using the Method. I have come to expect good results for any patient following treatment guidelines.

Q - What have been the biggest obstacles to treatment with the Method?
A - Initial acceptance of the idea of wearing a customized tray to deliver medication has been the biggest obstacle. The Perio Protect Method is simple and the comfortable tray delivery of medication can be incorporated into any hygiene routine. Once educated, patients ask me why they haven’t heard of this before. Overall, patient acceptance has been exceptional.

Q - How did you learn about the Perio Protect Method?
A - During my involvement with the Academy of General Dentistry Master Track Program, one of my colleagues mentioned that he had incorporated the Perio Protect Method into his practice and had seen excellent results. The Method made perfect sense – administering antimicrobial agents to the source. I recognized that this treatment would benefit my patients who have hard-to-tackle gum disease.

Q - How do you implement the Method into your treatment plans?
A - Once I diagnose patients with periodontitis, I set up a treatment plan of subgingival scaling and root planing followed by perio maintenance in conjunction with the customized tray placement of prescribed medication. I offer the Perio Protect Method to every patient who has periodontitis.

Q - If you were to recommend the Perio Protect Method, what would you say?
A - Perio Protect works. I have seen the results with my patients. This is a great technique in the battle against long-term gum disease.

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"Nothing else has provided long lasting results like Perio Protect® for so many patients."

Dr. Ronald Cohen has been treating patients in Brooklyn, NY for nearly 50 years. He started using Perio Protect® in 2005.


Ronald Cohen, DDS

Q - Under what circumstances do you recommend treatment with the Perio Protect Method®?
A - I have two criteria: 1) I see evidence of a gum problem, and 2) I see pathological bacterial growth under a phase contrast microscope. I have been using a phase contrast microscope since 1969 to determine the activity level in pockets. If pathological bacteria are present, I show patients the slide under the microscope. After two weeks of Perio Protect treatment, I show them the results under the microscope again. When they see how many of the “bad” bacteria are gone and how inactive the remaining plaque is, they realize they have the power to keep their mouths healthy. Perio Protect has been more effective than anything else I have used—period. I’ve used all forms of conventional treatments and have referred patients to specialists for periodontal surgery. Nothing else has provided long lasting results like Perio Protect for so many patients.

Q - Do any particular Perio Protect cases stand out to you as highly successful?
A - A patient I have been treating for thirty years came in with the same slightly swollen gums, the usual plaque, etc. that I have been fighting for those thirty years. This time there was more bleeding than usual. Checking the plaque under the microscope I was surprised to see spirochetes, a very potent pathogen. Seeing this convinced him to try the prescription trays which he used to deliver medication twice a day. Two weeks later at his re-evaluation, there was nothing moving on the slide; no spiral forms, no fusiform bacteria — nothing was active. Another memorable patient had been to three specialists before me. The first wanted to remove his first molar, the second wanted to keep the first molar but extract the second molar, and the third said take them both out. He didn’t want to lose any of his teeth. I started treating him with the prescription trays and medication in September 2007 and the pockets have remained healthy, the teeth are firm and comfortable, and I can’t find enough plaque to use under the microscope.

Q - Are these exceptional cases or do you generally see similar results?
A - This is typical with patients who use the trays every day.

Q - Have you encountered any obstacles with Perio Protect?
A - I find that those who use the trays; twice a day consistently are getting great results. Those who don’t, continue to slide downhill and face losing teeth.

Q - Do you have any additional comments?
A - My patients who make Perio Protect part of their daily routine are delighted with the way it works.

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Stephen Gordon, DDS

"The improvements I have seen occur quickly and are long-term successes."

Dr. Stephen Gordon served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, College of Dentistry in the Department of Restorative Dentistry for 19 years. He has an adult restorative dental practice and believes in Minimally Invasive Dentistry. He has been prescribing the Perio Protect Method® since January 2008.

Q - How has the Perio Protect Method® been successful in your office?
A - I have tried many different periodontal treatments, all with only limited success. The Perio Protect Method has been very successful in my office. One of our first patients treated with this Method is a 76 year old gentleman. He had previously endured 4 quadrants of periodontal osseous surgery and most recently had developed moderate to severe gum line pockets, bleeding gums and slight tooth mobility. After following the Perio Protect Method® for 2 months, his pocket depths were significantly reduced (only one 4mm pocket left, the rest were 1-3mm) and his bleeding points were completely eliminated. He felt the Method was easy to follow and was happy that he obtained great results without the high cost and pain associated with surgical intervention. He is also thrilled with the lightening of his tooth color, a great additional benefit I’ve noticed with this system. A second noteworthy patient is a woman in her early 40’s with a family history of periodontal disease. Several years ago, I referred her to a Periodontist, but her treatment was not successful. She had lost molar teeth due to periodontal bone loss and had a dental implant that did not osseointegrate and had to be removed. This patient followed the Perio Protect Method for 2 weeks and had tremendous results. Her 5mm pockets became 4mm and her 4mm pockets became 3-2mm. Originally she had 74 pockets 4mm or greater. In two short weeks, she now has only 21 areas 4mm or greater. Initial bleeding points were 100%. Now she is down to 20%. Her compliance has been ideal. She is thrilled with these improvements and cannot wait for the next evaluation. 

Q - Are most of your patients responding well to the Perio Protect Method?
A - Virtually all of my patients using this Method as directed have had significant improvement. Only a few teeth have not responded well. These teeth are typically restored with Porcelain fused to metal crowns where the margin is located deep subgingival. To treat these problem areas, I have utilized a soft tissue laser to reduce excess gingival tissue to thereby allow the prescription tray to work better. Once the excess tissue is eliminated, the treatment results have improved.

Q - How did you begin to implement the Perio Protect Method?
A - With any new treatment, dentists are very skeptical. I first tried the Method for a patient with severe bone loss, tooth mobility and bleeding points. Her previous conventional treatments were unsuccessful and her teeth were scheduled to be extracted, so the Perio Protect Method was a last effort. Her results shocked me and her. Now it is our first course of treatment. 

Q - What else would you like to share about this Method?
A - The Perio Protect Method can be easily incorporated into all dental practices. It works well for patients who resist conventional treatment or who do not want to repeat surgical therapy. The improvements I have seen occur quickly and are long-term successes.

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"My patients following recommended instructions are getting excellent results."

Dr. Michael Badger has a large general dental practice in Orlando, Florida. With a strong commitment to his patients and an appreciation for technological advances, his practice features implants, full mouth reconstruction, sedation dentistry, and the Perio Protect Method®.



Q - How did you first learn about the Perio Protect Method®?
A - A brochure came across my desk. I thought the results described were unbelievable, but I’ve been practicing for twenty years and watched dental technology evolve, so I never say never. I decided to evaluate the Method for myself and took a seminar thinking that, at the least, I’d get CE credit.

Q - Was the seminar helpful?
A - Yes. I walked away convinced that I needed to try the Method in my office. Data from scanning electron microscopy, research results, knowledge evidenced by the lecturer, and all the cases reviewed convinced me that I could help my patients with this Method. I was especially interested in trying the Perio Protect Method with those patients who have continued to come to my office every four months for perio maintenance visits. These are motivated, conscientious people who needed something else for their homecare. I had been looking for something that could help them but the help had to be easy, very effective, and inexpensive. I have found the Perio Protect Method to fit these requirements.

Q - How did you begin to implement the Method in your office?
A - The largest obstacle was skepticism from my staff members. After they attended a Perio Protect seminar and learned about the science, we began to offer this treatment more readily. When we started to see the positive results, it became easy to implement.

Q - How do you introduce patients to the Perio Protect Method?
A - We start with patient education. Because the symptoms of periodontal disease are hidden, most people are not well educated about the disease. So many people believe that bleeding gums are normal. We explain that gums bleed because there are open wounds in the gingival tissue caused by microbial infections, and I discuss the difference between normal flora and opportunistic pathogens. If I have to talk directly about inflammation and pus, I do. And if I have to repeat this information at multiple visits, I repeat it. We do not give up on our patients. We want them to understand the root of the problem and do our best by them. Then we present treatment options. With visuals and patient education materials we describe how the Perio Protect Method™ helps manage oral biofilms between office visits.

Q - Are your patients getting good results with the Method?
A - Yes. My patients following recommended instructions are getting excellent results. And I’ve noticed significant success with implant cases. Not only does the Method help save the investment and increase the success rate of an implant, it helps maintain the esthetic appearance of that implant. The Perio Protect Method makes enough of a difference that when my patients want implants, they have to also agree to follow the Perio Protect Method™ or find another dentist.

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Terry Ortman, DDS

"Gum disease has always been difficult to treat. I find that patients who use the Perio Protect Method® as directed get wonderful results."

Dr. Terry Ortman has been practicing dentistry for nearly 40 years. He started offering the Perio Protect Method® to his patients in 2006.

Q - How has the Perio Protect Method been successful in your office?
A- Gum disease has always been difficult to treat. I find that patients who use the Perio Protect Method as directed get wonderful results. In my office the Method has worked for a broad array of patients, including those who tried for years to do everything we asked but still experienced declining dental health. After they added the Perio Protect Method to their daily routine, they responded beautifully. For many of these patients this was their first success and it has made a huge difference for them. 

Q - Are most of your patients responding well to the Perio Protect Method?
A - My patients who follow the treatment guidelines are getting fantastic results. I follow the Perio Protect Method, my family and staff members use it. I am very impressed with the results I see. I would recommend it to anyone. 

Q - How do you talk to patients about the Perio Protect Method?
A - I talk about the results that I have seen. Over the decades of practicing dentistry, I’ve run into a lot of products, techniques, and so-called modern dental innovations, but, out of all of these developments, the Perio Protect Method is the only technique that turned out to be better than I thought possible. I tell my patients that if they and others really knew how good this Method is, there would be a line of patients out my door and down the block. The results that we are getting really seem too good to be true. And because the results seem too good to be true, people tend to dismiss it as impossible, except, in this case it is true, the Perio Protect Method is that good.

Q - How did you learn about the Perio Protect Method?
A - I read the mailing brochure and said, “This is ridiculous. No treatment can do this.” But the course was local so I went as an extreme skeptic. I was intrigued by what I heard, and tried it because the science made sense. It is a marvelously simple concept to be able to put oxidizing agents below the gum line in anaerobic periodontal pockets to change the environment so that anaerobic bacteria can no longer survive. As long as you continue to do this, periopathogens causing the disease are easier to manage.

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"I love this product because it is easy for patients to do and the results are so fast and dramatic."

Dr. Alison Schwartz has a large family dental practice in Scottsdale, AZ. She started treating patients with the Perio Protect Method™ in May, 2007.

Alison Schwartz, DDS

Q - How has Perio Protect® been successful in your office?
A - Perio Protect® has had a great impact on treatment for our patients who have done everything asked of them and yet continue to struggle with bleeding gums and cavities. Our initial focus was educating those patients who could benefit the most from Perio Protect treatment: diabetics, multiple crowns, deep pockets over 5mm. We quickly began to offer it to everyone, if only as a preventative measure and for the benefits to their systemic health. My husband is a good case example. He had 110 bleeding points and a 9+mm pocket around a dental implant in the #19 position. Two months later he had 12 bleeding points and a 2mm pocket around the dental implant. Another case that stands out is a diabetic patient who was alternating between me and the periodontist when I started offering Perio Protect. With this new treatment his results were significant and fast. Luckily he had had blood work done prior to starting the trays. 4-6 weeks after following the Perio Protect Method® he claims his blood sugar was within normal limits for the first time in years (below 120), and his new blood work showed a change in his CRP (C-Reactive Protein) from 6 to 3.7. As he explained to his cardiologist, he had been doing nothing different other than using the customized prescriptions trays to place medication below the gum line.

Q - Are most of your patients responding well to this treatment?
A - The results we have seen are all drastic improvements for our patients. It works so fast it keeps the patients motivated. They’re excited about doing something good for themselves.

Q - Have any of your patients not responded as expected to Perio Protect treatment?
A - Our patients who smoke are the biggest challenge. The good news is that even though improved health seems to take 4-6 weeks for our patients who smoke, their pockets and bleeding do improve.

Q - What does Perio Protect allow you to do that conventional treatments have not?
A - Patients don’t want to go through scaling and root planing. Now we suggest Perio Protect treatment first and then scaling and root planing for the few isolated teeth that have subgingival calculus that just won’t dehydrate and fall off. With Perio Protect treatment the bleeding is far less and of course no one is complaining that we only have to scale and root plane a few teeth and not the whole mouth. We anticipate that the prescription trays will allow patients to protect themselves from needing scaling and root planing over and over in the future and ultimately avoid the need for perio surgery. I love this product because it is easy for patients to do and the results are so fast and dramatic. Patients using Perio Protect have great hygiene visits. We tell them “Congratulations!” They really feel proud of themselves. Your patients need this, you just have to educate them in a way that they will want it.

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Randolph Sun, DDS

"I’ve seen terrific results with the Method"

Dr. Randolph Sun of Lakeport, CA has been prescribing the Perio Protect Method® since December 2006.

Q - How has the Perio Protect Method been successful in your office?
A - I’ve treated over 100 patients successfully with the Perio Protect Method®, many of whom had pockets over 6mm. Every treatment plan is customized for individual patients, but in most cases I have completed a full mouth debridement to remove any gross calculus before prescribing customized trays and medication. Patients return for recall visits with me after 30 and 60 days of treatment so that I can monitor results. Although in very rare instances I have had to perform a site-specific gingivectomy, most patients have returned to regular hygiene visits after the initial 60 days of treatment. The microbiological research shows that oxidizing agents placed into pockets with the customized trays help manage the bacteria. Treatment results will vary based on individual patient’s biological health and homecare, but the bottom line is that bacterial management helps allow the body to heal. In my office, I’ve seen terrific results with the Method.

Q - How do you introduce the Method to patients?
A - I describe treatment options and explain the importance of managing oral bacteria. I also show them the research documenting a 99.98% kill rate of periopathogens after 17 days of treatment with the Perio Protect Method.

Q - Do you remember your first Perio Protect Method patient?
A -
Yes I remember her well because she called often looking for medication to manage her pain. She had extremely inflamed gingival tissue and moderate 6mm pocketing throughout her mouth. We tried antibiotics and rinses to alleviate the hot burning sensation she experienced. Nothing helped so I prescribed the Perio Protect Method as a test case. After following the Method for one week, she returned to the office and all of the pain symptoms associated with her swollen gums had gone away. After a few more weeks of treatment, her pockets decreased to 1-2mm. At the time it was surprising. I now expect that patients who follow treatment directions will see substantial improvements in a few weeks.

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