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RDH Jenna Foster works at Premier Dental in Cedar City, Utah, a general practice offering cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, endodontic services, and implants. The office has been treating patients with the Perio Protect Method® since 2007.

Q - How has Perio Protect® been successful in your office?
A - Patients in our office who want to avoid or limit invasive periodontal therapy often choose the Perio Protect Method. Without this option, some of these patients may have continued to avoid treatment. Patients really appreciate that a customized prescription tray is an effective tool they can use at home.

Q - Are most of your patients responding well to treatment?
A - For those who are following treatment guidelines, we notice a huge difference in the tissues. The gums are a healthier pink and rarely bleed. My patients love being able to deliver medication into their pockets at home in a comfortable, easy way.

Q - What does Perio Protect allow you to do that other treatments have not?
A - My favorite thing to tell patients is that the daily delivery of antimicrobials with the tray can help improve their conditions and possibly eliminate office visits. Patients really appreciate this.

Q - Have any of your patients not responded well?
A - I have a few who have not used the trays as prescribed. Others who understand the importance of the treatment and follow the wearing guidelines see improved gum health and some increased attachment.

Q - How do you present treatment options?
A - Some patients come to my office because we offer the Perio Protect Method. For others, I explain periodontal disease and its impact on overall health. Then I relay treatment options. The best results in my experience come from an aggressive approach combining mechanical root debridement therapy and the tray delivery of antimicrobials. Although most patients agree to this aggressive approach, many people are scared and nervous about any invasive option and refuse RDT. To be able to offer an effective non-invasive option to my patients who might continue to avoid treatment is exciting.

Q - What additional information would you like others to know?
A - When my patients realize the importance of treating their disease, they are very pro-active and want to use the tray delivery of medication. When they come to the office for maintenance procedures, I notice that their gums look healthier than those without the trays who are just undergoing the 3 month interval of perio maintenance. I even have some patients following the Perio Protect Method whose gums have almost completely healed. That is a great thing to say, because just 5 years ago this was not even possible.

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"Perio Protect® allows us to give patients hope."

RDH Hannah Mason works in Scottsdale Arizona with Dr. Alison Schwartz. She has been using Perio Protect® since May 2007 and provides insights in this interview.

Q - How has Perio Protect® been successful in your office?
A - Perio Protect provides a needed and effective treatment to combat the constant growth of pathogens in periodontal pockets and pseudopockets. It is an advanced yet simple solution for patients struggling with pocketing and bleeding. One case stands out in my mind. This patient in his 50’s smokes, has type II diabetes, and struggled with 5-6 mm pockets in all posterior areas. After Perio Protect® use 3 times per day, the patient has no bleeding, has 1-4 mm pockets with one isolated 6 mm pocket, and has reduced his CRP (C-Reactive Protein) levels in half.

Q - You mentioned that you had tracked the CRP levels of patients. What prompted you to request this testing?
A - The accumulation of research indicating that many systemic diseases result directly from inflammation processes in the body like periodontal disease. Knowing patients’ CRP levels before treatment allows us to compare them to post-treatment levels and be as proactive as possible in preventing systemic and oral diseases.

Q - Are most of your patients responding well to treatment?
A - Yes, we are getting extremely positive results with reductions in pocketing levels and bleeding/suppuration levels. Seeing 4-6 mm pockets turn into 2 mm depths is exciting.

Q - What does Perio Protect® allow you to do that other conventional treatments do not?
A - Perio Protect® allows us to give patients hope. Many of our patients, some of whom are even post-surgery, do everything we ask of them and still struggle with unstable periodontal tissues. Perio Protect® treatment is something we can offer for effective control of bacteria on a daily basis.

Q - How did you begin to implement the Perio Protect Method in your office?
A - I think the best way to put it is to just do it. The hygienists and doctor attended the seminars and passed the information on at staff meetings. We try to work as a team. Hygienists discuss Perio Protect with anyone who has pocketing or bleeding. We also discuss this with healthy patients who may have friends or family with periodontal problems. Most people know someone with this issue, after all it does affect 80% of the adult population.

Q - How do you introduce patients to Perio Protect?
A - We start with a thorough periodontal evaluation and discuss Perio Protect, scaling and root planing, and, when necessary, referral to the periodontist. We make sure to mention possible systemic health connections too. We stress that Perio Protect is one of the most effective tools to address periodontal disease and the most painless. We explain that if isolated areas are not responding to initial Perio Protect treatment, we will scale and root plane those areas alone instead of making the patient go through full mouth SRP or possibly painful surgery first.

Q - Any additional information you would like to share?
A - As health care professionals we cannot ignore this treatment when there is so much data and research on links between periodontal and systemic diseases. It is something you can offer patients to help improve their health and well being.

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"My patients typically say that it is easy to use and they are very pleased with whiter teeth and fresh breath."

Gretchen Ewin, RDH works with Dr. Terry Ortman and Dr. Tim Pranger in Alton, IL and started offering Perio Protect® treatment to patients in 2006.

Q - How has Perio Protect® been successful in your office?
A - Patients who could not control disease-causing bacteria with brushing and flossing alone can now better manage the periopathogens on a daily basis with Perio Protect. Since we have been offering Perio Protect, we have seen a decrease in invasive procedures, including surgery. Perio Protect treatment changed the way we treat and look at gum disease because now we have a system that works. It is much easier than any other treatment we have ever offered. Cleanings are also easier and less time consuming for Perio Protect patients and these patients are more interested in their results. They want to hear their probing scores and are looking for improvement. Our Perio Protect patients are more interactive and involved, taking greater responsibility for their homecare.

Q - Did you attend a Perio Protect seminar?
A - One of the doctors in my office led the way and asked all the staff to attend a seminar. Honestly, after the seminar we were skeptical that Perio Protect could work as well as the studies showed. We wanted to see it for ourselves. So we tried a few test cases. One test patient was taking a lot of medications and also smoked. After only a few weeks of Perio Protect treatment, he had significantly less bleeding and lower probing numbers. Over time his teeth have whitened and there has been decreased mobility in his lower anterior teeth. Once we saw the great results with a few trial patients — their bleeding stopped and probing numbers improved — all the staff then started to use the prescription trays. We can tell a huge difference in our mouths. My mouth feels so clean and my breath is very fresh with this easy treatment. Perio Protect has become an integral part of my own oral care and our office treatment planning. We recommend Perio Protect to every patient who walks through our door because of the whitening teeth side effect of Perio Protect treatment and the benefits of oral bacterial reduction to our overall health.

Q - Are most of your patients responding well to Perio Protect treatment?
A - Most of our patients are responding well. Smokers have less effective treatment results than non-smokers, but they do still have improved treatment outcomes. It just takes them longer. My patients typically say that it is easy to use and they are very pleased with whiter teeth and fresh breath. The best part is that they report better results than what they could have imagined.

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"Perio Protect is so valuable because patients see such positive results and have easier appointments."

RDH Amber White Brannan works at a large family dental practice in Jacksonville, Illinois with Dr. Tom Loughary. Her office has been using the Perio Protect Method® since 2004.

Q - How are patients responding to Perio Protect treatment in your office?
A - Perio Protect has been extremely successful in our office. Most of our patients using the Perio Protect Method® notice a difference in the way their teeth feel, and I think seeing such significant reductions in pocket depths and bleeding in such short amounts of time is encouraging to patients.

Q - Are the kind of results you are describing typical? Are most of your patients responding well to treatment?
A -
These results are typical for our office. Most of our patients are responding well to the Perio Protect Method.

Q - How did you begin to implement Perio Protect in your office?
A - When we first offered Perio Protect treatment we chose our most severe cases, patients who really had no hope of saving their teeth. We saw such dramatic improvements that our entire team got excited about it and began searching for opportunities to talk about it with our patients. In my opinion, the most difficult part was treatment planning. I was fairly good at judging how much work would be involved in getting a patient’s mouth healthy after an initial exam, but I soon discovered that after patients followed the Perio Protect Method for 2-3 weeks they didn’t need all of that scaling and root planing and I had to alter the treatment plans. One patient really sticks out in my mind. She had tons of black, tenacious calculus, spongy tissue and bleeding everywhere. When she came in for her scaling and root planing appointment after using medication in her first set of customized prescription trays, she had very little calculus and the tissues were firm and pink. My boss kept telling me this kind of thing could happen, but I could not believe it until I saw it.

Q - How do you introduce patients to Perio Protect and present treatment options?
A - I always start out explaining probe scores. A monitor is suspended above the patients so they watch everything. I like to include the patients in the discovery process because it helps them take ownership of their disease. By the time we are done, the questions start coming. That is when I start telling them about Perio Protect’s non-invasive technique with the prescription trays.

Q - Is there anything else you would like to share?
A - Perio Protect is so valuable because patients see such positive results and have easier appointments. We are able to have a positive dental experience which everyone looks forward to and even enjoys.

Q - What does Perio Protect allow you to do that other conventional treatments do not?
A - The Perio Protect Method has enabled me to form a stronger bond with my patients and turn the dreaded dental appointment into a fun, positive experience. With other conventional treatments I sometimes had trouble finding something positive to reinforce. I usually dreaded the perio exam because there was little to no change and I could sense my patients’ feeling of defeat which discouraged them and me. It always felt as though we were fighting a losing battle. But with the Perio Protect Method, my patients seem to look forward to the perio exam. Perio Protect has made my job more rewarding, like I am truly making a difference in my patients’ lives.

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"Every hygienist looking for ways to help patients should consider the Perio Protect Method™."

RDH Gabriela Lopes worked for six years in the large family dental practice of Dr. Jordan Tilden & Associates in Chicago, IL. Her office has both a general dentist and a periodontist. She began recommending the Perio Protect Method® to some of her patients in the fall of 2007.

Q - How did you first learn about the Perio Protect Method®?
A - Dr. Raghian is a periodontist who joined our dental team in 2007. Shortly after his arrival, he introduced me to the Method and explained how it was useful. I then attended a Perio Protect seminar.

Q - How did you start with the Perio Protect Method?
A - I selected to try it with a patient as a test case.

Q - And this test case was successful?
A - Yes. This patient had been coming to our office for years, but then disappeared and did not return for his maintenance visits for more than 2 years. When he returned his well maintained 3-4mm pockets had deepened to 7-9mm and many of his molars had so much mobility that he was about to lose them. There was nothing else we could do, so after full mouth SRP, we tried the medication delivery with the prescription trays. A year after beginning treatment with the Method, his 9mm pockets measured 5mm. A year later, his 5mm pockets measured 4mm; and there was absolutely no bleeding. Even better, he only lost half of one molar. Dr. Raghian removed the distal root of #19 due to excessive bone loss; and Dr. Tilden splinted #18 and #19 with a small pontic to replace the hemisectioned root for greater stability.

Q - Patient compliance is very important for successful treatment results. This patient sounds compliant. Are most of your patients getting good results when they follow the Perio Protect Method?
A - Most of our patients are not in as critical a disease state as my first test case, but they are getting good results when they follow the Method as directed. What I’ve learned is that my encouragement is very important. I have to give positive reinforcement to my patients, help them stay on top of their situation. If I allow them to walk away from my chair without helping them care about their results, they are not always as diligent with their homecare.

Q - What would you say to someone who has reservations about the Method?
A - There is so much material out there and so much marketing that we all are on the lookout for gimmicks. You won’t really know until you try it, but every hygienist looking for ways to help patients should consider the Perio Protect Method.

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"Treatment results amazed us"

Debbie Madison, RDH has 19 years of experience in perio offices and has worked with a periodontist in Oklahoma City for the last 15 years treating advanced perio cases. She started offering the Perio Protect Method® to her patients in February 2008.

Q - How has the Perio Protect Method® been successful in your office?
A - With this Method there is less bleeding, firmer tissue, less tenacious calculus, reduction of pockets, and fewer incidences of decay. My patients also tell me that their mouths feel cleaner. One memorable patient who came to see me had not had his teeth cleaned for more than 10 years. We started treating with oxidizing agents delivered into the pockets with a prescription tray 3-4 times a day. When he returned to the office for scaling and root planing as recommended by the Method, many of the problems had already been addressed: the tissues were much healthier, the bleeding had diminished, and the scale/root plane was extremely easy on both the hygienist and patient.

Q - Are most of your patients responding well to treatment?
A - Yes they are. If patients comply as directed, they respond well. We first notice decreased bleeding, then reductions in calculus build-up, and decreased pocket depths.

Q - How did you begin to implement this Method in your office?
A - In the beginning, we hand-picked three patients with extreme perio problems – lots of bleeding, deep pockets, smoker, lichen planus, implants – as “test” patients to see for ourselves how the Method worked before we decided to suggest it to all our patients. After three months of treatment using oxidizing agents in the prescription trays and isolated SRP, results from these patients amazed us.

Q - How do you introduce patients to this Method?
A - We introduce it as a conservative, comfortable, easy-to-use treatment that gives the patient more control over the disease. It doesn’t taste bad either. We also remind patients that a healthy mouth is reflected in better overall general health.

Q - Is there any additional information you would like others to know?
A - Since I work in a perio office, I see the worst of the worst dental diseases but I have very motivated patients, so it is fairly easy to suggest this Method and have the patients follow it. Most of my patients have been coming to our office three or four times a year for the better part of 15 years, and they trust me. Over those 15 years, I have never “pushed” a product onto my patients. I am a tough sell. I will only suggest something I have seen work, know to be effective, and would use myself. I highly recommend the Perio Protect Method.

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“This is it. Why did it take us so long to find a better way to face one of the biggest problems in dentistry?"

Mary Martha White, RDH has been working in dental offices for more than 25 years. She began to help implement the Perio Protect Method® in her current office in March 2008.

Q - How has the Perio Protect Method been successful in your office?
A - One of my favorite cases involves a patient who had been treated for long-term perio problems. She had not regained any tissue and the bone level was becoming a concern. She was “tired of spending so much money and never seeing results.” I was very sympathetic and told her to consider the Perio Protect Method® because many of our patients who followed the Method had great results. She agreed to try it and her success was so significant that we put her before-and-after-numbers in poster form for our other patients to see. She is very proud of her results. Another memorable case is a patient, 40-46, who neglected his dental care. Upon exam I discovered mobile teeth, tissue loss, bone loss and bad breath. He insisted on trying to keep his teeth. After the cleaning procedure, I spoke to him about his treatment options. Long story short, the doctor splinted the lower anterior teeth and we took the impressions to have the prescription trays made that day so that he could start with the Perio Protect Method. He is a very committed, compliant patient and his condition improved significantly. He tells me he feels like a new person.

Q - Are most of your patients responding well to treatment?
A - I have seen improvements with most of my patients who follow treatment directions. The biggest reduction of perio pockets is usually after the first three-week recall visit. Two patients who did not comply with usage instructions during the initial phase of treatment did not have the expected results. We reviewed the importance of compliance and planned out new treatment schedules for them. Then we saw positive results.

Q - What does the Perio Protect Method allow you to do differently?
A - The Method has made it possible to see results in a short period of time and to provide a treatment option that I can highly recommend.

Q - How did you begin to implement the Method in your office?
A - By accident. I was visiting a friend for lunch at her dental office and a brochure about the Perio Protect Method caught my eye. I asked for a copy. After reading the information, I thought, “This is it. Why did it take us so long to find a better way to face one of the biggest problems in dentistry?” The doctor agreed that I should attend a Perio Protect seminar and we got started.

Q - Do you have any additional information to share?
A - I have worked in the dental field since 1982 and I love my career. Helping people achieve good oral health is an everyday goal, so it has been hard to witness the hopeless and helpless feelings people display when diagnosed with periodontal disease. Results with the Perio Protect Method have given me and my patients a new chance.

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"I have a lot of cases that are absolutely amazing."

Joan Shadler, RDH is a hygienist in Reno, NV and has been using the Perio Protect Method® since 2006. She has 26 years of RDH experience and a strong background in perio, having worked with the head of the Periodontology Department at Columbia University. She also taught clinical radiology at the University of Bridgeport’s Fones School of Dental Hygiene. Here she offers insights about Perio Protect® treatment.

Q - What kind of results do you see with the Perio Protect Method®?
A - We have 100% success with patients who use the Perio Trays as directed, including patients who are class 2-3 perio with bone loss. We get good results even when patients do not use their medication in the prescription trays in strict accordance with the Perio Protect Method.

Q - Have you encountered difficulties implementing the Perio Protect Method in your office?
A - Insurance coverage. That is about it. Everybody wants it and understands the need for it, but not everyone can afford the treatment without coverage.

Q - When patients choose Perio Protect treatment, how do you introduce them to it?
A - My time is very limited. I present the prescription delivery of medication as part of the entire treatment in the beginning at the same time I present any and all treatment options. I show examples of the prescription trays and briefly explain how they work.

Q - What does Perio Protect allow you to do that other conventional treatments do not?
A - I almost always use Perio Protect in combination with scaling and root planing. When Perio Protect is added to the treatment, the tissue response is so much better and pocket reduction is dramatically better than scaling and root planing alone. Perio Protect makes it possible to control chronic inflammation that could not be controlled with other treatments. Even 4-6 mm pockets are not bleeding on probing when patients use Perio Protect. Without Perio Protect those pockets would bleed with probing.

Q - How have your patients responded to Perio Protect treatment?
A - If patients use the medication in the trays, the treatment works. Even when they do not use it as often as I recommend, it is working. In fact, it may be helping more than our patient’s mouths.

Q - Is there any additional information you would like to share?
A - With Perio Protect there is a lot less bleeding on probing. Once scaling and root planing is completed, the bacteria often take over again. Perio Protect helps control the bacteria between office visits. It maintains your gains and offers long-term management of the disease. I think any dental office that is currently treating perio in house would benefit to incorporate Perio Protect into the office.

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"I have been shocked to see such good results"

Fourteen year veteran RDH Courtney Smith works with Dr. Jeffrey Noll in Edwardsville, IL. She began implementing Perio Protect® in 2008.

Q - Has Perio Protect® been successful in your office?
A - Perio Protect has been very successful. The most severe case involved a patient with inflamed, bleeding tissue whose deepest pockets ranged from 9-12 mm. We discussed treatment options and she consulted a periodontist who recommended surgery. She wanted to avoid the surgery and decided to try Perio Protect. We started with full mouth scaling and root planing followed by customized prescription trays. After only three weeks her 12mm pocket went to 5mm. I couldn’t believe it. Although Perio Protect benefited other patients in our office, none had such deep pockets. The tissue returned to a pink healthy color, without the glossy sheen, and regained normal stippling. I have been shocked to see such good results. I was very skeptical that this treatment could work at all. My first patient on Perio Protect had 6mms that went to 2mms in two weeks. It was so unbelievable that I spent extra time trying to find a pocket. Are most of your patients responding well to treatment? Following the treatment protocol is key. I had one patient who was non-compliant, but all of my other patients complied and had dramatic improvements.

Q - What does Perio Protect allow you to do that other conventional treatments do not?
A - In addition to reducing cutting, Perio Protect helps me give more one-on-one attention and establish a partnership with patients. This approach is significantly better that conventional treatment protocols.

Q - How did you begin to implement Perio Protect in your office?
A - Our entire staff attended the Perio Protect seminar. Then the office manager, an assistant and I sat down for a couple of hours with our Perio Protect handbooks to develop treatment plans that we can adjust to the individual needs of our patients.

Q - How do you introduce patients to Perio Protect?
A - After a full perio exam, I educate patients and present treatment options. When patients learn that medication delivered in prescription trays can provide long-term results and reduce repetitive invasive procedures, they are interested. Almost all opt for S&RP first, which works best with Perio Protect.

Q - Any additional information you would like to share?
A - I had to try it to believe it. It is an amazing treatment. The first few weeks involve frequent treatments, but I encourage patients that quickly they are down to just one or two a day. It is rewarding to tell patients their treatment is working. They often say, “That was great, easy, it didn’t hurt at all.” These are the best, most positive visits I have ever had.

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"It is incredibly exciting to see the dramatic results we have had the past four years with this system.”

Lana Fraley Rich, RDH has nearly forty years of hygiene experience with general dentists and periodontists. She currently works with Family Dental Center near Austin, TX and began implementing Perio Protect® treatment there in May, 2005.

Q - How has Perio Protect® been successful in your office?
A - Perio Protect has been tremendously successful because it works. It offers a viable alternative to surgery and the patient acceptance rate is very good, which has helped grow the practice as well. We have had numerous successes with patients from 35-80 years of age, but one case clearly stands out: A 58 year old musician came in for an evaluation. He had very heavy calculus, tobacco stains, and numerous mobile teeth with moderate to severe periodontitis. His main desire was to have “a nice smile” and improve his appearance. My main concern was saving his teeth. After two full-mouth debridements, four SRP’s and Arestin placements to reduce the acute periodontal infection, he started using the prescription trays to deliver medication below the gum line. After only three months, he has had incredible results: reduced tooth mobility, reduced inflammation and even some limited osseous regeneration.This case stands out because the results are so dramatic even though the patient still smokes. His teeth are whiter, his gum tissue is pinker, and he even has some stippling now! He looks like a different person. He is so impressed with the way his smile looks now and how much better he feels with healthy gums.

Q - Are most of your patients responding well to treatment?
A - Yes, with fantastic results. Most patients find Perio Protect easy to implement and compliance is usually very good. Our patients who have had previous periodontal treatment report Perio Protect® to be more comfortable and cost effective than other treatment options.

Q - What does Perio Protect allow you to do that other conventional treatments do not?
A - Perio Protect seems to address the “root causes” of periodontal disease. The treatment gives patients realistic hope that they can get their periodontal disease under control without pain or great expense.

Q - Do you have any additional information you would like to share?
A - It is incredibly exciting to see the dramatic results we have had the past four years with this system. It is very encouraging to find this treatment option after 39 years of dental hygiene practice. Just wish I had been able to offer it YEARS ago!

# # #

"With Perio Protect® good results are easy to maintain for long-term health."

Melissa Meyer, RDH worked in a large family dental practice with Dr. William Schlotz in Crestwood, MO. She first started offering Perio Protect treatment in 2004.

Q - How has Perio Protect® been successful in your office?
A - Perio Protect gets the patients more involved in their care. Once they know that it is possible to have a 6mm pocket reduced to 3-4mm, they take interest in their periodontal scores and ask me to tell them their numbers. They become excited with the good results and the way their mouths feel. A case that clearly stands out in my mind involves a patient who found our office and had previous scaling and root planing but still struggled with red, tender, puffy gums. His doctor told him to floss more and the problems would go away. He was frustrated. We started him on medication in the prescription tray and after 6 weeks he had significant healing. He still needed some scaling and root planing to eliminate the tenacious deposits but it was less extensive after the tray deliver of medication. The tenderness and bleeding had subsided so much that he was willing to complete his treatment. With Perio Protect he became very excited about how much better his mouth felt and tasted, and his frustration level was much lower.

Q - Are most of your patients responding well to treatment?
A - I find that most patients using Perio Protect treatment follow their protocols like they should, and they show up for their appointments. They are excited about coming in and they notice that their gums are not as tender as they used to be.

Q - What does Perio Protect allow you to do that other conventional treatments do not?
A - With scaling and root planing alone, patients often start off with good results but the disease returns with time and we are right back where we started. With Perio Protect good results are easy to maintain for long-term health. Patients using the Perio Protect system also have easier visits and I find that I don’t have to scale as much. There is significantly less bleeding with Perio Protect treatment. Patients tell me the customized prescription trays are very comfortable. It is an easy treatment to follow.

Q - Is there any additional information you would like to share?
A - One of the best features of the Perio Protect Method is that my patients feel that they have more control over their treatment. They are part of the program and get good results. I have found this is an easy system to implement in our dental hygiene protocol and patients don’t get lost in the recall shuffle because they want to come back for the routine checkups to see the improvements in their periodontal scores.

# # #

"Perio Protect® is an easier procedure with better results."

Texan Penny Falls RDH works for a large family dental practice with Dr. Allen Sprinkle. She has worked as an RDH for 14 years and has used the Perio Protect Method since 2005.

Q - What is your most successful Perio Protect case to date?
A - One of my most successful Perio Protect cases involved a patient who came to our office after being recommended for periodontal surgery by another doctor. She had done some background research on periodontal disease on the Internet and found our office. She wanted to try Perio Protect as a way to avoid surgery. She started with pockets that were 5 and 6mms. After four weeks of Perio Protect treatment, she returned for her recall visit and all of her pockets had responded to the treatment, decreasing by at least 2mm. We are monitoring her progress as treatment continues. To date she is very pleased with these results.

Q - Would you describe these results as typical?
A - Yes. We are getting great results with Perio Protect. Although we have not been able to avoid surgery in every case - I am thinking of one patient in particular whose pockets responded very well to Perio Protect treatment except for one deep pocket that was so infected before Perio Protect treatment that she may need surgery - many of our patients using Perio Protect have had their oral health restored without surgery.

Q - How does Perio Protect compare to other treatments you have tried?
A - Perio Protect is an easier procedure with better results. I like Perio Protect because it is a treatment that is a team effort between the hygienist and patient. Our patients are very health oriented. With Perio Protect they are more involved in their own health and consequently patient compliance is generally high. I'd rather work smarter than harder. Perio Protect has made my job a whole lot easier and it has definitely increased my productivity. With the results we are getting from Perio Protect treatment, my patients are happy and healthy.

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